Over the past several years, Aviation Link International has worked with its partner companies to perform 10+ narrow body PAX-TO-CARGO conversions for clients in the Middle East, Asia, European Union, and South America.

Converting passenger aircraft to cargo freighters is a far more cost effective way of adding cargo capacity to your aviation services. For example, a typical conversion including “D” check for a 1995 Boeing 737-400 PAX aircraft costs approximately 50% less than the cost of purchasing a new cargo aircraft with similar load capacity. Regarding availability, the average time to complete the entire conversion project generally ranges from 90-120 days.

Our cargo conversions have been done in partnership with PEMCO, Tampa, FL and AEI Miami FL. Both companies are FAA-certified, U.S. service facilities that have additional MRO and CARGO MOD partner sites strategically located in different parts of the world.

Although Aviations is capable of managing various passenger-to-freighter (P2F) conversions for our clients, we specialize in 737-400 and 737-300 modifications, which are the most popular. These two aircraft lend themselves very well to freighter, quick change or combi configurations. Contact us for complete payload, range, and layout specifications for these conversions.

The NEW GEN Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 PAX aircraft are now emerging as popular alternates for conversion to freighters, since they offer improved performance, advanced upgrades, and reduced maintenance costs. If you prefer the more recent NEW GEN versions of these aircraft, please visit the New Gen B700 / 800 page or contact us for more details.

We look forward to expanding your current cargo operations or starting a new one, while making it a successful business investment and one that will significantly add to the aviation services you offer to current and new clients.

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