The Next Step

Aviation Link International, LLC has added NEW/NEXT GEN Boeing 737-700 & -800 passenger-to-freighter cargo jets and passenger jets to its product line of aircraft on a for sale or lease basis.

In the late 1990s, Boeing introduced the 737 NEW/NEXT Generation series of these aircraft. The 737-700 succeeds the 737-300; the 737-800 is an ideal upgrade for the B737-400. The NEW/NEXT GEN 737-700 and 737-800 passenger aircraft make excellent candidates for conversion to cargo aircraft.

The NEW/NEXT GEN 737 aircrafts feature many improvements that include:

  • advanced avionics
  • upgraded cockpit
  • better performance
  • reduced fuel burn
  • modernized cabin interior
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • flies higher, faster, further
  • increased range, payload and takeoff performance

Below is an example of a NEW GEN B737-800 cargo conversion…

  • 11.5 pallets of cargo space
  • Up to 23.9 tonnes of cargo
  • 3600+ kilometer range
  • 5000 cubic feet of cargo space

Our conversion partners are AEI, IAI and PEMCO. All are certified MRO service facilities.

Click this link for AEI’s 12 pallet 737-800 Freighter Conversion programs

Click this link for IAI’s 737-700 and 737-800 Freighter Conversion programs

Click this link for PEMCO’s 737-700 Full Freighter and FlexCombi Conversion programs

Previously owned NEW/Next GEN aircraft have a service life in excess of 30 years, and provide a competitive advantage and greater potential for profit as they reduce the cost of purchasing a new cargo freighter with similar payloads by up to 50%, lead times for a pax to freighter conversion is typically 90 – 120 days – far shorter than ordering a new aircraft.

Contact us for complete payload information.

Boeing 737-700 & 800 Freighter STC Programs

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