PAX-TO-CARGO conversions (STC • CARGO MOD), refurbishing, A/C modifications

are other vital services provided by Aviation Link International through our highly skilled and experienced affiliate companies. From cargo loading doors, interior, exterior, and avionics upgrades to broadband systems, we will work closely with you to achieve your goals and exceed your expectations. We can also reconfigure/customize your aircraft to reflect your aviation tastes or requirements by integrating commercial or corporate colors, logos, liveries, and murals into your paint scheme.

Exclusive marketing, remarketing, leasing (ACMI/PBH), sourcing

of aircraft in all sectors of the aviation marketplace. We handle each client with a “white glove” approach, take the time to fully understand your needs on either side of a transaction, and work with you as a team to achieve those goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Off market aircraft

sourcing is a core specialty service of ours. With a network of personal relationships that reach beyond the normal avenues of aircraft sales and marketing, our team can find the “needle in the haystack” for you. Whether it is in the commercial or private sector, we will make every effort to meet your needs promptly and in a confidential manner


for your aircraft can be procured on a purchase or lease purchase basis for terms of 18-36 months. However, if extended lease terms beyond the industry standard are needed, we will negotiate on your behalf in the Secondary Finance Market for extended periods up to 72 months for both domestic and International clients (War, Political Risk, & Repossession insurance may be required, as part of a long-term funding package).

Engines, parts

can be sourced for sale, lease or lease purchase basis. We also maintain an extensive inventory of over 6,000 A/C parts available for 727, 737, 757,767, A310, A320 and MD80 aircraft. If we don’t have the part you need, we will find it for you and ensure that it is of the highest quality at the lowest reasonable cost.

Additional services we provide for our clients:

•   Ferry Flights
•   Maintenance Services And Slot Scheduling
•   Engine Upgrades And Core Services
•   Tear Downs
•   Pre-Purchase Services
•   VIP Chartering
•   Top Case Repairs

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